How to find and catch a Yellow Perch in Palia

Even common fish can fetch a high reward.

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Singularity 6 Corporation’s Palia has emerged as a captivating presence in the cozy simulation and MMO gaming realms thanks also to its various skills that you can master.

From hunting and fishing to gardening and cooking, Palia has everything you can dream of and more, and the same can be said of the game’s varieties of fishes. With over eighty species of fish in the game, you’ll have to learn their schedule and location to fish ‘em all—that is also true for one of Palia’s most common fish: the Yellow Perch.

Where to find the Yellow Perch in Palia

Among the assortment of aquatic life that live in Palia‘s waters, the Yellow Perch is just a “common” inhabitant eagerly awaiting fishers in Bahari Bay’s rivers. The creature can be found in the shallow running waters of Bahari Bay any time of the day or night, making for a perfect catch for whoever wants to secure a fast fishing session. And to catch it you won’t even need a bait as a simple hook will do the trick.

Description of the Yellow Perch in Palia. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Use for the Yellow Perch in Palia

Like many other fish in Palia, the Yellow Perch can be used for various recipes or it can be sold for a small price in the open store in front of your house. Owing to its common presence, the Yellow Perch’s monetary value reflects its rarity, with a standard specimen fetching around 21 gold pieces and an upgraded variant elevating the reward to a modest 31 gold pieces.

While one Yellow Perch might not make you rich, its common nature and the lack of baits needed to catch it makes it the perfect target for a fish haul which may fetch quite some gold. In short, if you have the patience for it, go for the quantity and not the quality.

Alternatively, if profiting from the Yellow Perch isn’t the goal, it can be used as a cooking ingredient for most fish-related recipes.


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