How to download Hyper Scape

Lucky fans who snagged a Twitch drop can download it immediately.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft joined the battle royale train with Hyper Scape today, which is in its technical test phase. And with fans earning early access through Twitch drops, you might be wondering how to download your copy.

The Hyper Scape Twitter broke down exactly how to access your Twitch drop in a simple four-step process.

First, players need to snag early access by watching any Twitch streamer with drops enabled. Lucky fans will see a notification for the Twitch drop, explaining that you received the “Technical Test Access” drop from watching an eligible streamer.

Players should then open their Uplay desktop application, which you can download directly from the Ubisoft website. On the front screen of the application, you’ll see a Hyper Scape banner saying “click here to get access now.”

After clicking on the banner, you’ll be taken to another window that congratulates you for early access. Click “start playing” and you’ll be sent to a final page with a download link.

Ubisoft followed a similar strategy to Riot’s new tactical shooter, VALORANT, offering Twitch drops to viewers who tune in to eligible broadcasters. At time of writing, the Hyper Scape category has over 380,000 viewers, with big streamers like Myth and xQc playing on their channels now.