How to crack all safe codes in Dying Light 2

It's a puzzle for one.

Screengrab via Techland

Throughout your adventures in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll hack and slash through countless zombies. But there will also be times when you’ll need to solve a couple of puzzles to continue your journey.

While looting through the city, you may come across locked safes. These will require a passcode, and luckily, all of the clues will be close to the safe, meaning players won’t have to go on another journey to find them.

Cracking these codes by yourself can be considered half of the fun, but not all players will have the time to complete puzzles since they’ll want to go back to slashing zombies as fast as possible.

How to crack all safe codes in Dying Light 2

Safe NameSolutionLocation
Bazaar Church SafeThe Bazaar Church Safe’s code is hidden behind a mathematical problem. Players will need to solve the following mathematical equation while respecting the order of operations.
(5×100)+15-5, which equals 510
This safe is located at the top of the church tower located in Old Villedor Bazaar.
Night Runner’s Hideout SafeThe code for this safe is written on a piece of paper that can be found inside a container in the area.
If you can’t seem to find the container, the code is 101.
This safe can be found on the ground floor of Cherry Windmill, which is located in the Houndfield region.
Garrison Electrical Station / Broadcast SafeBefore you can unlock this safe, you’ll need to do the following:
Use power cable “AB” to open Terminal A. Use power cable “AB” to open Terminal B. Use power cable “1C” to open Terminal C. After performing these steps, the A, B, and C gates will open and you’ll find the clue for the code: 314.
This safe is located inside the Garrison Electrical Station building, behind section C.
The First Biomarker SafePlayers will need to solve the following logic puzzles: 
What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down?
An odd number, take away a letter and it becomes even.
A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?
The solution will yield the code 973.
This safe can be found in Saint Joseph Hospital. Players can pick up the quest, First Biomarker, from McGregor in Houndfield.
Downtown Bandit Camp / Military Airdrop DowntownThe code for this safe is written on a piece of paper located in the same room.
If you can’t seem to find the code, it’s 313.
This safe is located on top of the Military Airdrop building, which can be found next to the Downtown Bandit Camp.
Treasure Hunt SafeFinding this safe is a riddle in itself. Players will need to decode its location from the four clues and unlock the safe with the code 03-21-67.The safe is located in the Muddy Grounds water tower. The quest, Treasure Hunt, can only be picked up if you decide to keep the map during the Deserter quest.
Horseshoe Water Tower / Moonshine SafeThe clue for this case is simple for anyone who’s taken a history class. It’s the year America was discovered, 1492.Players will need to side with Jack and Joe in the previous quest and get arrested to find this safe at the Horseshoe Water Tower.