How to catch the Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

One of the most elusive fish in the Stardew sea

Provided by Sickhead Games

One of the most relaxing mechanics in all of Stardew Valley is fishing. A mainstay in any survival game, fishing allows players to catch food for themselves as well as acquire additional materials for other crafting recipes. While leveling up the fishing skill can certainly be time-consuming and boring at times, it’s worth it to gain the ability to catch higher-tier fish. One of the rarest fish that players can catch at higher levels in Stardew Valley is the Sturgeon.

Because it’s one of the rarest fish in Stardew Valley, the Sturgeon is also incredibly difficult to catch. There are a few different requirements players need to hit before they can even gain the ability to reel in the Sturgeon.

In this guide, we’ll go over those requirements and the best ways to go about catching a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley.

Catching a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

For starters, players will need to be at least level six-seven in order to reliably reel in a Sturgeon. We recommend players are on the safe side and reach level eight so they’re not wasting an inordinate amount of time throwing out a line and not even seeing a fish of the Sturgeon’s caliber.

Next, players will need to check the season.

The Sturgeon can only be caught during the summer and winter times in Stardew, which can be somewhat disappointing if players happen to be leveling their fishing skills during the spring or fall. However, if players are using Magic Bait, they can forego this requirement and catch Sturgeon regardless of the season. Magic Bait is fairly expensive, though, so players might be better off waiting for the right season.

Players also need to check where they’re actually fishing for a Sturgeon. The elusive fish is only found in one lake across the entire game, Stardew Valley Mountain Lake. Players can find this lake directly in front of the mine and the Adventurer’s Guild.

Speaking of the Adventurer’s Guild, right in front of this location is probably the best spot players can choose for Sturgeon fishing. This spot will likely yield the most amount of Sturgeons, so players at lower levels can also try their luck here for an increased chance.

Moving onto the actual process of catching a Sturgeon, players will need an advanced fishing rod, such as the Fiberglass or Iridium Rod. The Iridium Rod is the highest-tier pole in the game and can only be equipped after players have reached a fishing level of 6 or higher. However, it also costs the most at 7,500 gold. If players can’t afford that premium, then the Fiberglass Rod, costing only 1,800 gold, is also a good option.

Once players have their pole, they will want to equip some kind of tackle on it. The best tackle for catching a Sturgeon is the Trap Bobber, which reduces the chance that fish will escape while they’re not being reeled in on the line. A Trap Bobber costs 500 gold at Willy’s shop but can also be crafted using one gold bar and 10 sap.

With the tackle equipped on the rod, players can also eat a meal to increase their chances of catching fish. Some meals, like the Dish O’ The Sea, are extremely useful for fishing. The Dish O’ The Sea increases the player’s fishing level for a certain amount of time.

Now that players have all of that information, they can reliably go out and fish for Sturgeons. From this point on, players will need to rely on their luck on a given day and their skill at reeling in fish. Some Sturgeons will be impossibly difficult to reel in, even with the Trap Bobber, but others will be more forgiving. Hopefully, players encounter Sturgeons often and ones that stay on their line.

Once players have gotten the Sturgeon catching process down, they can go for size records. The average size of a Sturgeon is anywhere from 40-50 inches but they can certainly be bigger. The heavier and larger the fish, the more it can go for on the market in Stardew Valley.