How much can you save on Riot Games titles with Xbox Game Pass?

Game Pass lets players save hundreds on Riot Games titles.

Image via Riot Games

The Xbox Game Pass could save you hundreds of dollars on various Riot Games titles by unlocking all the agents, champions, and more. 

Riot Games announced a partnership with Xbox’s Game Pass during the Xbox Showcase on June 12. The partnership will allow players to unlock all of the champions from League of Legends and Wild Rift, all the agents for VALORANT, the Foundations set from Legends of Runterra, and some Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics. Without Game Pass, players would have to unlock these items by advancing through the games or spending their own money. But with Game Pass players could be saving roughly $1,545 across all five titles. 

Banner showing Riot games coming to Xbox
Image via Microsoft

With over 150 champions to unlock in League of Legends, Game Pass saves players close to $1,000 by unlocking all the champions at the start. It would cost 127,730 Riot Points to buy every champion, which roughly translates to $850. 

  • 32 Champions at 975 RP
  • 64 Champions at 880 RP
  • 28 Champions at 790 RP
  • 22 Champions at 585 RP
  • 14 Champions at 260 RP

Wild Rift is the second title that saves the most money for players with the Game Pass. There are 82 Champions in Wild Rift that can be unlocked after the game gives players two free champions at the start. To unlock all of them it would cost 59,450 Wild Cores or roughly $545. 

  • 82 Champions at 725 WC

The third title is VALORANT which allows players to unlock all of the agents with Game Pass from the beginning of the game. There are currently 19 agents in VALORANT but five of them are automatically unlocked, meaning players can pay to unlock 14 agents for 14,000 VALORANT Points, or $130.

  • 14 Agents at 1,000 VP

Next in line is Legends of Runeterra which unlocks the entire Foundations set with Game Pass. It would cost 1845 coins to unlock the Foundations set without Game Pass which equates to roughly $20. 

The last Riot Games title affected by Game Pass is Teamfight Tactics. But, unlike the other four titles, there isn’t a specific number of items that will be unlocked. All the advertisement said is that it would unlock a select Little Legends which could mean anything. A Little Legend egg costs 490 RP or roughly $5 each, with the contents in each egg varying. Game Pass could save a little money or a lot depending on how many Little Legends the pass gives. 

Without knowing how much Teamfight Tactics will be getting with the Game Pass, the total saved across the other four titles is about $1,545, which makes the Game Pass price worthwhile at just $9.99 a month for the PC version.