How many Killers are in Dead by Daylight?

There are almost 30 deadly characters in the game.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Deadlight features a substantial cast of Killers, each with unique powers and abilities to help players catch and sacrifice survivors before they escape.

Some of the Killers are original characters while others are some of the most iconic horror villains of all time. Players can take control of Ghost Face or Michael Myers to take down their pray or they can spring for more supernatural characters like The Wraith or The Oni.

There are currently 28 Killers available in Dead by Deadlight, ensuring every player can find a character perfect for their playstyle. Some Killers can be unlocked with Iridescent Shards, but the more notable characters, like Freddy Kruger or Leather Face, can only be purchased through DLC or with Auric Cells.

Here is a full list of the currently available Killers in Dead by Deadlight.

Dead by Deadlight Killer list

  • Evan MacMillan – The Trapper
  • Phillip Ojomo – The Wraith
  • Max Thompson Jr. – The Hillbilly
  • Sally Smithson – The Nurse
  • Michael Myers – The Shape
  • Lisaa Sherwood – The Hag
  • Herman Carter – The Doctor
  • Anna – The Huntress
  • Bubba Sawyer – The Cannibal
  • Freddy Kreuger – The Nightmare
  • Amanda Young – The Pig
  • Jeffery Hawk – The Clown 
  • Rin Yamaoka – The Spirit
  • Fank, Julie, Susie, Joey – The Legion
  • Adiris – The Plague 
  • Danny Johnson – The Ghost Face
  • Demogorgon – The Demogorgon
  • Kazan Yamaoka – The Oni
  • Caleb Quinn – The Deathslinger
  • Pyramid Head – The Executioner
  • Talbot Grimes – The Blight
  • Charlotte & Victor Deshayes – The Twins
  • Ji-Woon Hak – The Trickster
  • Nemesis T-Type – The Nemesis 
  • Eliiot Spencer – The Cenobite
  • Carmina Mora – The Artist 
  • Sadako Yamamura – Onryō
  • Dredge – The Dredge