GTA Online's new Diamond Casino Heist hits next week

It's a nice surprise just in time for the holidays.

Image via Rockstar Games

A new heist is on its way to GTA Online and it’s coming out sooner than expected—next week.

The Diamond Casino Heist goes live in-game on Dec. 12. The heist was teased in a short Twitter video yesterday, but an official announcement was made today.

“Infiltrating the most extravagant entertainment and luxury living complex in the entire state won’t be easy, and careful and comprehensive preparation will be rewarded to reach one hitherto unattainable goal: breach the vault at The Diamond, grab the goods and exact revenge on the Duggan family,” Rockstar Games said.

Rockstar’s description of the heist sounds like it could be the biggest one yet. Heists initially hit GTA Online in March 2015 and again with the Doomsday Heist update in December 2017. It’s been two years since the last heist, but it’s time once again to hit the planning room and go big.

“Featuring a diverse range of opportunities for set-up and prep missions that shape your plan of attack, multiple paths of approach, constantly changing security measures and a dizzying array of choices once inside,” Rockstar said. “Expect outcomes for you and your crew to change on the fly as you deal with each new situation, leading to more choices mid-mission. Even if the best laid plans go sideways, you’ll have the opportunity to keep the mission afloat without failing by shooting your way out with your remaining team lives, all allowing the Heist to be highly replayable with new scenarios unfolding each time.”

The heist will have a new front for a center of planning and operations, which is a retro arcade property. It’ll take a lot of work to crack the vault inside the Diamond Casino.

GTA Online heists are for four players, so make sure to grab some friends and get ready to hit the casino when the new heist goes live next week.