The biggest trading card game tournament ever took place last weekend

Modern Masters Weekend promised a lot of things for fans of Magic: the Gathering

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Modern Masters Weekend promised a lot of things for fans of Magic: the Gathering. It was the second weekend since the release of the Modern Masters 2015 set, and stores around the world were having draft and sealed tournaments featuring the new cards. But most importantly, Wizards of the Coast, the game’s developer, planned to hold three different Grands Prix—the game’s open tournament series—in Las Vegas, Japan, and the Netherlands over the same weekend. 

Leading into the weekend, 8,145 players had registered to play, but there were no promises how many would actually show up—some people just signed up for the promo bonuses. In retrospect, they shouldn’t have worried at all. 

With 7,551 players, Grand Prix Las Vegas becomes the largest trading card tournament in history. The other Grand Prix saw big numbers too, finishing with about 3,500 attendees a piece.

Wizards even released some stats about the weekend. All three tournaments combined, they had 938 judges between the three events, and 14,715 players.

Magic now rises far above the pack, with other trading games like Yu-Gi-Oh (4,364) and Pokemon (2,166) trailing far behind.

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