Everything unveiled for Genshin Impact’s Version 2.7 update

The hiatus is finally over and exciting new content is on the way.

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The next update for Genshin Impact is set to release on May 31 and will bring an end to the extended delay and lack of new content. A livestream and trailer for Version 2.7, which is titled “Hidden Dreams in the Depths,” teased tons of new content including twin lore, new characters, character reruns, new events, and two new weapons.

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything that has been teased to come in the Version 2.7 update of Genshin Impact.

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Twin lore

Players are always eager for more twin traveler lore to unravel the mystery of where their sibling is and what they are doing. The trailer for the Version 2.7 update delivered on the twin lore with a scene showing the twins interacting in a mysterious starry realm.

Whether it is some kind of dream or our character will actually get to interact with their twin remains to be seen, but any updates on the twin lore that serve our protagonist in their ultimate quest to find their twin are always welcome.

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Two new characters

The Version 2.7 update of Genshin Impact will introduce two previously teased characters.

Yelan is a five-star Hydro Bow character previously teased upon the release of The Chasm and will be only the second character of this specific type in Genshin Impact. The other one, Tartaglia, is quite a controversial five-star in the Genshin community, so Yelan’s arrival will certainly be interesting.

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Kuki Shinobu is a four-star Electro Sword and will be the first four-star character of this type. She is a ninja and known as the sidekick of five-star Geo Claymore character Arataki Itto, as well as the official deputy leader of the Arataki Gang.

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Character reruns

When previously released characters appear front and center in the teasers and upcoming storyline, it almost definitely means they will be getting a rerun sometime during that version.

Five-star Anemo Polearm character Xiao, five-star Geo Claymore character Arataki Itto, and four-star Pyro Catalyst character Yanfei all feature prominently in the trailer for Version 2.7, meaning that they will all likely be featured as characters with increased drop rates on special event banners at some point before Version 2.8 begins.

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New events

As is usually the case with any Genshin Impact update, a series of new events is set to occur during Version 2.7. These new events are as follows:

Perilous Trail

This event is described as: “The Traveler and Paimon come once again to the Chasm to investigate the mysteries of the depths, only to meet an unexpected guest and become embroiled in another crisis.”

The event features a dungeon-style series of battles with the same party creation style many others do where players can choose from their own characters alongside certain trial ones for each level. Players will also choose “stratagems,” which are different buffs that will be active during the level.

The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival

This event was teased with the description: “You have received a letter of most formal invitation from the Arataki Gang. It seems that Itto is inviting his friends to some kind of festive outing…So why not open it up?”

The events of the festival will feature a new music mini-game. Players must create and edit “Beatmaps” in an attempt to perform drum music successfully.

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Core of the Apparatus

The Core of the Apparatus event is described as: “A toy merchant from Fontaine created a device that can create toys and furnishings as long as the right materials are inserted into it. Help him gather the materials with which to make some test products.”

This event will push players to gather both natural resources, like mint or Amakumo Fruit, as well as defeat foes, such as Slime or Specters, for certain loot.

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure

This event will bring players back to The Chasm and is described by the short teaser: “For reasons unknown, some dark mud-like substance has come pouring out of the caverns and mines of The Chasm. Help a Sumeru researcher deal with this crisis.”

Players will face enemies, attempt to protect areas, and use new machinery while trying to figure out the source of the mud-like substance during this event.

New weapons

Two new weapons will also be released with the Version 2.7 update.

  • Aqua Simulacra, which is a five-star bow.
  • Fading Twilight, which is a four-star bow.