Nisqy: “If I can match with lira, we can do great things”

Envy's new mid laner makes his NA LCS debut this split, and he's looking to prove his greatness.

Photo via Riot Games

EU Challenger superstar Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer has made his LCS debut as Team EnvyUs’ new mid laner. He’s going to do everything in his power to bring the team back from the dumpster fire that was their Spring Split.

Envy had it rough in the Spring. After all, the split ultimately ended in their relegation. They were forced to compete in the promotion tournament to regain their LCS spot. Change was definitely needed, and that’s why Envy decided to call on Nisqy.

Envy is going to have to turn heads this split if they want to bounce back, and their new mid laner is itching to do his fair share. He may have found success playing on Fnatic Academy and even winning the EU Challenger championship, but the NA LCS is a totally different game. What can an LCS rookie hope to accomplish against the likes of Cloud9’s Nicolaj Jensen or TSM’s Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg? For starters, he’s doing his homework.

“Many mid laners—they don’t watch other mid laners play, like in VODs and solo queue, but I’m the guy that will watch VODs of every mid laner, even mid laners worse than me,” Nisqy told Dot Esports.

His plan is to study the strengths and weaknesses of each of his individual matchups, rather than just relying on studying the traits of the other teams as a whole. It isn’t just about the mid lane though. Nisqy believes that a big part of why Envy failed last split was because the team failed to play to the strengths of Nam “lira” Tae-yo, the team’s jungler. Lira is perhaps the best jungler in North America, and despite Envy’s failings as a team, he managed to make the NA LCS All-Star team as starting jungler.

Nisqy is a mid laner who loves to play around his jungler. He hopes that focusing on getting his own jungler ahead, even if it means immediately dropping whatever he’s doing in lane, will help lira to carry the squad to new heights.

“I’ll move from lane and help lira out, because he’s the main carry of the team,” he said. “If I can match with lira, then I think we can do great things, like even beat the top teams.”

The burden of improvement isn’t entirely on Nisqy’s shoulders, though. Envy as an org needed to step up this split to avoid a repeat of Spring’s catastrophe. It seems like that’s exactly what they’ve done, because they began by taking a trip down to South Korea for a League of Legends bootcamp.

Many teams have journeyed to Korea to trudge through the trenches of South Korean solo queue, but Envy took a different approach. They fielded tryouts for their new mid laner while they were bootcamping, so Nisqy and the other contenders were thrown right into the thick of things to prove themselves before Envy would make an offer. After all, the team needed to know their mid laner was the correct choice. Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski, former mid laner for Echo Fox and Schalke 04, also tried out, but he didn’t make the cut. Choi “Pirean” Jun-Sik, Phoenix1’s former mid laner, was there too, and he is being brought on to sub for Nisqy during the first couple of weeks of the Summer Split.

All in all, Nisqy says he’s just excited to be here. It’s his first time playing on the LCS stage, so he’ll have a lot to prove coming into the split. Fortunately, though, he believes that’s an advantage. He’s looking forward to showing the other teams of North America just how strong he is as Envy’s mid laner. Luckily though, it won’t be hard to raise the bar from last split. Envy finished in dead last in the Spring, so any amount of improvement they find through Nisqy would be a blessing.