Destiny 2's The Dawning seasonal event returns next week with snowballs and new gear

It's the most aesthetically pleasing time of Destiny's year.

Image via Bungie

It’s time once again to bake cookies and throw snowballs because Destiny 2’s wintry seasonal event, The Dawning, returns next week on Dec. 17, Bungie announced today.

Each of the four seasons of the year features a seasonal event in the world of Destiny, and winter is no different. The Dawning’s beautiful blue, white, and gold aesthetic is back to adorn the Tower with beautiful trappings and new gear to collect.

On offer this year is a new set of armor for each class, new ships, new Ghost shells, new emotes, shaders, and more customization items. There’s even a new submachine gun called Cold Front, which can be earned through gameplay.

“Eva’s back at the Tower with new recipes to share—and that’s where your adventure begins,” the description on Bungie’s website reads. “Gather ingredients and hasten back to the warm glow of her upgraded Holiday Oven. Take off your coat and get toasty as you bake the tastiest treats the Tower has ever seen.”

The baking of treats is also done through gameplay. Ingredients are earned by hunting specific enemy types and cooking up delicious goodies to give to various NPCs and spread the joy of The Dawning around the Last City on Earth.

The Dawning kicks off in Destiny 2 on all platforms on Dec. 17 and ends on Jan. 14.