Destiny 2 servers experiencing emergency maintenance and queues

Maintenance is expected to conclude by 4pm CT.

Image via Steam

Destiny 2 servers went down for emergency maintenance earlier today. The maintenance continues while the servers are up, putting players in a queue. 

Bungie’s hit sci-fi shooter abruptly went into emergency maintenance today, shutting all servers down. Destiny 2 players were suddenly disconnected from their games and some report losing precious loot from the unexpected disconnect. 

The exact nature of the maintenance is unknown. The outage was met with some outrage from the fan base. Many players were disappointed with the abrupt nature of the outage and the continued maintenance with each patch. It seems like Bungie is making a habit of breaking its game every time it adds a new update or feature. Maintenance on servers is an expected outcome of technology, but there does seem to be an excess of it on Bungie’s end. 

Bungie encouraged fans to wait for updates while it works on the issue. The servers remained down for roughly an hour.

The servers are back online, but they remain in maintenance. As a result, players will find themselves in a queue while the limping server can add them to the game at its injured pace. The maintenance is expected to resolve at 4pm CT, according to Bungie.

Bungie’s hit franchise moved from to Steam in late September following the break with Activision earlier this year. With maintenance an ever-looming presence in the game, it seems like the transition and independence is causing more issues than anticipated. Once Bungie settles into its new platform, the game should see improvements in stability and quality.