Battlefield 2042 failed to meet expectations, EA says

Battlefield 2042 failed to live up to the hype from fans, but also expectations from EA.

Image via DICE

Electronic Arts held its Q3 2022 earnings call earlier today, which revealed plenty of information on how the company is performing. During the call, EA spoke of Battlefield 2042, a game it admitted to failing to meet the company’s expectations.

Battlefield 2042 launched in November 2021, but upon its launch, issues quickly arose. The game has been criticized for its map design, inaccurate bullet spread, and more. And EA owned up to the negative reactions, sharing that the “ambitious game” suffered from production issues due to COVID-19 lockdowns, which ultimately impacted the final product that shipped to players.

“Developing this game with our teams working from home for nearly two years ultimately proved to be challenging,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said. “Through our process of testing and preparation, we believed the experience was ready to be put in our players’ hands.”

While the company didn’t share exact numbers for how many copies the game sold, the number was classified as “disappointing”. Despite the game not performing as planned, though, EA’s total revenue was up 7 percent, along with record-breaking net bookings for the company, which may be attributed to the success of other EA titles such as FIFA 22, Apex Legends, and Madden NFL 22.

EA will continue to update Battlefield 2042 over the coming months, but the first season of live service content is being pushed back so further work can be done to improve its experience.