Among Us is getting a manga adaptation in April’s issue of Bessatsu Corocoro

There’s no red button in the black and white pages of a manga.

Image via Innersloth

The suspicious crewmates from Among Us are bringing their shenanigans to the black and white pages of Bessatsu Corocoro in April.

The popular game Among Us will get a manga adaptation in April’s issue of Bessatsu Corocoro, Innersloth announced on Twitter. 

Innersloth revealed that the manga adaptation is going to be a “one-shot,” meaning there likely won’t be any continuation to the story after the chapter is published in April. One-shot stories usually run about 15 to 60 pages in length. But since there are no fixed rules about this, Among Us fans might be treated to an even longer read.

Aside from these few small hints, there have been no other clues as to what the story will be about or who the artist is behind it. But this is a sign of the Among Us universe expanding even more.

Since its debut, Among Us has widened its horizons in various directions. The game has seen an exponential increase in its player count since the COVID-19 pandemic started, peaking at 400,000 players on Sept. 20. It has since gotten a mobile version and soon will have a VR version, as announced during the last Game Awards. The next frontier seems to be the manga adaptation, which could introduce Among Us players to a solid narrative regarding specific crewmates. 

While we’re waiting for more information about the story, other questions arise, like which map will be featured and in what style will the manga be drawn. In addition, in November 2021, Innersloth added new roles and features to the game, which might appear in April’s Bessatsu Corocoro issue as well. 

With all these updates, new platforms, and new chapters, the game seems to want to stay among us a little longer.