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All your favorite pirates and marines from Shounen sensation One Piece have Leader cards in the One Piece TCG, with these special cards forming the crux of the competitive game⁠. They’re also very valuable collecting targets.

A Leader is the foundation of a One Piece TCG deck. The color (or colors) of your Leader determines what colour you can include in your constructed deck and sets your starting life total for each match. Every Leader in the Bandai game also boasts a unique ability that fits into its archetype.

Each Leader also comes with an alternate-art version in the set they are released, with these premium releases often going for as much as $200 USD. They are some of the most valuable cards in each expansion.

As One Piece TCG sets keep dropping, more and more Leaders will be added to the roster. All new Leaders will get added upon availability.

All Leader cards in One Piece TCG

OP01 ⁠— Romance Dawn

The first One Piece TCG set focused around the Straw Hat Pirates setting out on their grand adventure to find Gold Roger’s treasure. There were two themes: the main characters and their iconic villains, and several standout characters from the incredible Wano Country arc the anime was in at the time.

While most of these Leaders have since struggled to keep their place in the meta, Zoro and Trafalgar Law remain two of the strongest decks since their December 2022 release all the way through to today.

When this set was released, the TCG had four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. Law, Luffy, Kaido, and Crocodile also marked the first dual-color Leaders.

The Leaders released in OP01 include:

  • Zoro ⁠— Red
  • Trafalgar Law ⁠— Red/Green
  • Monkey D. Luffy ⁠— Red/Green
  • Kouzuki Oden ⁠— Green
  • Donquixote Doflamingo ⁠— Blue
  • Kaido ⁠— Blue/Purple
  • Crocodile ⁠— Blue/Purple
  • King ⁠— Purple

OP02 ⁠— Paramount War

Set two, themed around the massive Paramount War at Marineford and the preceding Impel Down arc, introduced Black into One Piece TCG. The color was quickly attached to the Marines⁠—Smoker, Garp, and Zephyr all slot in there⁠—but it has since expanded to include other characters.

The OP02 release also gave the game perhaps its most broken Leader: Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard. He has reigned supreme atop the metagame and drawn several bans for the best cards in his deck builds.

The Leaders released in OP02 include:

  • Edward Newgate ⁠— Red
  • Monkey D. Garp ⁠— Red/Black
  • Kin’emon ⁠— Green
  • Sanji ⁠— Blue/Green
  • Emporio Ivankov ⁠— Blue
  • Magellan ⁠— Purple
  • Zephyr ⁠— Purple/Black
  • Smoker ⁠— Black

OP03 ⁠— Pillars of Strength

One Piece’s third set simultaneously journeyed forward to the Enies Lobby and Whole Cake Island arcs, while bringing in several iconic heroes and villains from the original East Blue journey.

Fans of the manga and anime were most excited to finally get a Portgas. D Ace Leader card with this release. The Fire Fist has long been a top favorite, especially because he’s main character Monkey D. Luffy’s brother. Though he pales to Whitebeard and Zoro competitively, the Ace Leader alt-art quickly became a top chase card.

The Leaders released in OP03 include:

  • Portgas D. Ace ⁠— Red
  • Kuro ⁠— Green
  • Arlong ⁠— Green/Yellow
  • Nami ⁠— Blue
  • Iceburg ⁠— Purple
  • Rob Lucci ⁠— Black
  • Charlotte Linlin ⁠— Black/Yellow
  • Charlotte Katakuri ⁠— Yellow

OP04 ⁠— Kingdoms of Intrigue

The newest expansion set, Kingdoms of Intrigue, honed in on two arcs: Arabasta, famous for being the first mega-sized One Piece adventure, and Dressrosa, a Doflamingo-helmed story many consider among the series’ best.

Nearly all the Leaders added in OP04 came from these two arcs, with Vivi (Red/Blue) and Crocodile (Purple/Yellow) from Arabasta and Doflamingo (Green/Purple), Issho (Green/Black), and Rebecca (Blue/Black) from Dressrosa. Only the Blue and Yellow Queen dual-Leader wasn’t from either.

This set introduced several highly competitive Leaders, with Doflamingo, Queen, and Rebecca all seeing play in late-2023 events.

The Leaders released in OP04 include:

  • Nefeltari Vivi ⁠— Red/Blue
  • Donquixote Doflamingo ⁠— Green/Purple
  • Issho ⁠— Green/Black
  • Rebecca ⁠— Blue/Black
  • Queen ⁠— Blue/Yellow
  • Crocodile ⁠— Purple/Yellow

Starter Decks

The One Piece TCG regularly releases preconstructed decks alongside its expansion sets, including four right at the start of the game’s lifespan.

Many of these Leaders have simpler abilities so players can simply grab a deck and begin playing, but several have still become solid picks for competitive players, including the Green Eustass Kid card and Crocodile’s mono-Blue design. Charlotte Linlin (Yellow) also sees some play.

The Leaders released in Starter Decks include:

  • Monkey D. Luffy ⁠— Red
  • Eustass “Captain” Kid ⁠— Green
  • Crocodile ⁠— Blue
  • Kaido ⁠— Purple
  • Shanks ⁠— Purple
  • Sakazuki ⁠— Black
  • Charlotte Linlin ⁠— Yellow
  • Monkey. D Luffy ⁠— Black
  • Yamato ⁠— Yellow

Ultimate Decks

The first Ultimate Deck, titled “Three Captains,” added three Leaders to the growing One Piece pool. All three Leaders are the same dual-colour⁠—Purple and Red⁠—which marked the first time this combo was used.

The Leaders released in Ultimate Decks include:

  • Monkey D. Luffy ⁠— Red/Purple
  • Trafalgar Law ⁠— Red/Purple
  • Eustass “Captain” Kid ⁠— Red/Purple


There has only been one promo Leader release so far, a Uta alternate that came alongside One Piece FILM: Red in late 2022.

The Leaders released as promos include:

  • Uta ⁠— Red

Update Oct. 30, 9:57pm CT: All Leader cards through to Kingdoms of Intrigue were added, including One Piece’s first Ultimate Deck and all Starters.

Update July 13 3pm CT: All Leader cards were updated for Romance Dawn.

Update Dec. 3, 12:20pm CT: All Leader cards for One Piece TCG Romance Dawn were added following the English launch on Dec. 2.


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