2 new Dawn of Babylon skins debut today in Smite

Grab them while they're discounted.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hi-Rez Studios has some great news for any Smite fans who have gems burning a hole through their pocket. Two new skins have now made their debut with the Dawn of Babylon event.

Mighty Mage Cupid and Senpai Slayer Serqet have arrived in a fourth bundle. So far, the Dawn of Babylon has brought fans Experi-mental Baba Yaga, Walking Blight Ymir, Home Run Heimdallr, Book of Nightmares Thoth, Arachnoid Arachne, and Wildstyle Mulan.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Cupid and Serqet are both more than viable right now, so it’s a good time to take these skins for a spin. Mighty Mage Cupid looks similar to a Black Mage from Final Fantasy, while Serqet looks like a student from My Hero Academia.

After release, each bundle is discounted by 25 percent for a short period of time. That means the current price for Mighty Mage Cupid and Senpai Slayer Serqet is 900 gems. Two of the previous bundles already have their price raised to 1,200 gems and the Mulan/Arachne bundle will soon follow.

If you have no gems right now, you’ll need to spend $24.99 on the 1,500 gem package. If you have at least 100 gems, you can buy the next package down, which awards 800 gems and costs $14.99. In addition to the two skins, the bundle includes a new music theme and a global emote.

If you choose to buy two of the four bundles available through the Dawn of Babylon, you’ll be awarded an additional skin: Regal Warrior Erland Shen. Buying all four bundles will net you another bonus skin: Battleship Heaven Nuwa.