Where to place Ghostbusters Signs in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8

Are you thinking about calling anybody?

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It’s almost Halloween and that always brings the spookiest Fortnite event, Fortnitemares, along with it. Fortnitemares is a good excuse to add more awesome cosmetics to the game, but events also go live with a bunch of new challenges that help players max out their battle passes.

With the latest patch, a couple of new Punchcards were added to the game as well—and the Ghostbusters Containment Specialist is one of them. When you start completing this Punchcard, you’ll be tasked with placing Ghostbuster Signs in Dirty Docks, Pleasant Park, and Holly Hedges.

Though these are some popular landing spots in Fortnite, it may still be hard to find the sign locations in between all the buildings. A good part of this quest, though, is that you only need to visit one of these landmarks to complete it.

Dirty Docks is the least popular landing spot compared to the other options, so if you’re looking to complete this challenge without getting shot at, your chances of surviving will be higher there.

There are three locations where you can place signs in each landmark:

Screengrab via Epic Games
  • Dirty Docks
    • Ghostbuster sign location one: Around the northwest corner of the landmark, near the barrier arm gates
    • Ghostbuster sign location two: West edge of the trailer yard
    • Ghostbuster sign location three: Around the center of the landmark
  • Pleasant Park
    • Ghostbuster sign location one: Close to the storm shelter
    • Ghostbuster sign location two: Around the north part of the landmark
    • Ghostbuster sign location three: Southwest section of Pleasant Park
  • Holly Hedges
    • Ghostbuster sign location one: Around the store that’s located in the center of the landmark
    • Ghostbuster sign location two: Just outside of a house around the south edge of the town
    • Ghostbuster sign location three: Around the northeast part of Holly Hedges

Considering there are many buildings in each of these landmarks, you should try to find a couple of weapons before going out to look for Ghostbusters Signs. Being prepared will give you the chance to outplay any player who tries to send you back to the main lobby.

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