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Where can you find the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Fortnite?

Blast away anyone who dares to enter your field of view.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has entered its newest chapter and the battle has completely changed for many current and returning fans of the battle royale. With so many different types of vehicles traversing the battlefield, the game’s new Anvil Rocket Launcher has become a necessary pick-up for anyone trying to capture a victory.

The game also introduced a new “Zero Build” mode that makes the newest anti-vehicle weapon that much more valuable since taking cover will be more difficult against heavy damage tanks and the like.

Here’s where you can find these Anvil Rocket Launchers in Fortnite.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Anvil Rocket Launchers, like many other weapons, can be found in regular chests around the island. You will, however, have a better chance of finding them by finding rare chests, Seven supply chests, IO supply chests, and loot sharks. This weapon is relatively rare, so you’ll probably have to scour many different places to score yourself one to hoist on your shoulder.

Screengrab via Epic Games

When you do acquire the Anvil Rocket Launcher, you can find them in three rarities: rare, epic, and legendary. Each tier increases the weapon’s damage and reload time, and will be a perfect solution if a player runs into the formidable and frightening Titan tank.

To use the Anvil, you must aim at an enemy vehicle and maintain line-of-sight while you lock on. Once you’ve locked on, you can fire a rocket that flies high into the sky before dropping down on your enemies. You can also free fire the rocket on a specific location, but you can’t lock onto any enemies on foot.