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When will the Among Us items come to Fortnite?

There's an impostor on the Battle Bus.

Image via Epic Games

The latest crossover event coming to Fortnite is one for the crewmates, whether they’re innocent or a sus-looking saboteur. Yes indeed, Among Us items are coming to Fortnite as part of the ongoing MEGA Sale 2022, the summer games sale taking place on the Epic Games Store.

Players can get their hands on the crewmate back bling and the Distraction Dance emote and equip them before they hop into a match where they can hide in a vent and sneak up behind someone in Fortnite. The crewmate on your back bling will even fall over and die when you get downed, which is a nice touch.

But getting access to the Among Us items isn’t as easy as going to the in-game store. Don’t worry crewmate, here’s the list of tasks you’ll need to accomplish.

How to get the Among Us items in Fortnite

To get the Among Us items early, you’ll have to either purchase Among Us or any Among Us Stars pack through the Epic Games Store, and the two Fortnite items will be added to your account as a gift.

This “MEGA Deal,” as Epic Games calls it, is available from now until June 9, 2023, so you have an entire year to think it over. Players can either purchase the game for $5, or any Stars pack ranging from $2 for 20 Stars up to $25 for 300 Stars. Stars are used in-game to unlock premium customization options in Among Us.

If you own Among Us on another platform like Steam, then you may have to purchase it again on the Epic Games Store, because the platform doesn’t let you purchase Stars packs unless you own the game on Epic.

If you miss the window, or if you have no interest in buying Among Us or the Stars, then the Fortnite cosmetics will be made available in the in-game store “at a later date.”