What time does Fortnite's giant robot event start today? | Dot Esports

What time does Fortnite’s giant robot event start today?

You won't have to wait much longer.

Image via Epic Games

Prepare to suit up and see some Pacific Rim-style mecha battles later today in Fortnite: Battle Royale because a new event is quickly approaching.

The event, which has been teased through a countdown timer above all of the sky platforms on the map, promises a massive fight between a man-made robot that’s seemingly straight out of Power Rangers and an unknown entity.

But when does it start?

The event is set to begin at 1pm CT and will finally see the giant robot come up against Polar Peak’s monster. Not much else is really known about the event, however, since leakers pledged to not spoil the cinematic showdown that will take place later today.

Epic will likely launch a new game mode closer to the start of the event. In this mode, players probably won’t be able to kill each other once the event goes live so everyone can enjoy whatever happens.

Fans hope the event won’t have any issues, though. Season eight’s big volcano eruption event didn’t exactly go well since many players were unable to join the mode or watch the cinematic due to a bug on some servers. Fortnite fans don’t want to see that happen again today.