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What is Storm Sickness in Fortnite?

Mr. Jones, I don't feel so good.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games introduced a new mechanic called Storm Sickness in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three. Storm Sickness aims to speed up the gameplay experience since staying in the storm will be even more taxing.

Storm Sickness causes players to lose their health faster when they’re in the storm. Before catching the Storm Sickness, players will receive a warning and have a time window to exit the storm and avoid the debuff.

Here’s what you need to know about Storm Sickness in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three.

How to cure Storm Sickness in Fortnite

You can cure Storm Sickness in Fortnite by getting out of the storm and making it to the safe zone. The sickness will instantly be back and start draining your health if you get hit by the storm again, so you’ll need to think twice about moving inside the storm if you already caught the Storm Sickness once.

How to avoid Storm Sickness in Fortnite

The best way to avoid getting Storm Sickness in Fortnite will be by using vehicles. From buses to cars, there are many vehicles on the map. If you’re late to the safe zone, you should look for a vehicle and make your way to the circle.

How to survive the storm in Fortnite

Surviving the storm in Fortnite just got extremely more difficult with the introduction of Storm Sickness. Players will need considerably more regeneration items to stay in the storm. In most cases, lingering in the storm won’t be beneficial since you’ll also need your healing items in the late game.

If you’re looking to survive the storm, you’ll need a lot of healing items and a vehicle to make sure you can get back to safety before you run out of consumables.