What is Overshield in Fortnite and how does it work?

When building isn't an option, your overshield comes to the rescue.

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Fortnite Chapter three, season two: Resistance launched with the shocking (and likely temporary) removal of all building mechanics in the game. The feature that throughout the years has made Fortnite stand out from the competition will be absent until the Resistance gets it back, forcing players to discover new ways to bring home the Victory Royale. 

Adjusting to the new playstyle can be challenging for Fortnite players used to setting up cover the moment they spot an attacking enemy. Since Fortnite‘s Island has been designed with building mechanics in mind, it has more open space and less natural cover than other games that lack the possibility of building cover from scratch at any given time.

Sliding, sprinting and jumping are great ways to dodge bullets, but to help players survive even longer, Epic Games added a new feature called Overshield to help anyone who’s caught off guard in an open space. The feature made its way to Fortnite with the release of Chapter Three, season two and serves as one alternative way to mitigate the removal of building mechanics from the game.

What is Overshield in Fortnite?  

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The overshield adds 50 shield points on top of the player’s existing health and shields, making the maximum HP now 250 instead of the previous 200. What makes an overshield different from the base health and shield is its ability to recharge: after not taking damage for a few seconds, players’ overshield will recover back to full. The overshield is also “the first line of defense” and will deplete before your shields and health, according to an official blog post.

Your overshield comes in handy when you’re being targeted but the cover is a bit further away. Taking chip damage won’t matter as much when you can quickly recharge and plan for a counter-attack.

It’s unclear how long building mechanics will be gone and if the overshield will stay in the game after they return. Considering overshield was not added to game modes where building stayed unaffected, however, fans can expect it to be removed whenever the ability to build is restored, though Epic hasn’t officially addressed whether the feature will stay or not.

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