Fortnite: Hot Spots and Loot Carriers Locations Guide and Explainer | Dot Esports

What Fortnite’s Hot Spots are and where to find them

The game's just got more exciting for aggressive players.

Image via Epic Games

The v9.10 Fortnite update introduced Hot Spots in the island. They’re a new mechanic that will be active in all game modes from now on.

According to the patch notes, Hot Spots will be named locations randomly selected in the map that will feature more loot in higher rarity. These areas will have their names in gold once players see the match’s minimap. There’s a minimum of one Hot Spot per match, with a 25 percent chance of two spawning and a five percent chance of three.

Besides the usual chests and floor loot spawns, players will see 12 to 16 drones called Loot Carriers holding a box in these areas. Once they shoot these drones down, they’ll drop the box and players can open them to find a weapon of Rare or higher quality with ammo for it.

There’s nothing unusual about Hot Spots besides this. They’ll become areas with a lot of loot, which means they’ll likely be contested by several players at once, and however leaves the area alive will be geared for the rest of the match.

This is the first time Fortnite has seen such a mechanic, which already exists in other battle royale titles like Apex Legends. Players who go to these areas must be aware that they’re high risk, high reward, which means it won’t be easy to grab the items you want and take down everyone in the area, but you’ll probably be one of the players with the best gear in the match once you do so. Expect these areas to be crowded, even if they’re usually quiet.

Whether to drop on a Hot Spot or not will be a decision every player will have to make depending on their playstyle. If you like aggressive plays and matches with nonstop action, they should be the perfect area for you. If you prefer focusing on survival and slowly preparing for mid and late game, avoid hot spots. Even areas like Junk Junction and Lonely Lodge might become hell if they’re full of Loot Carriers.

Next time you drop into a Fortnite match, pay attention to the golden areas on the map. That’s how you know where Hot Spots are.