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What does PR mean in Fortnite?

It's how you figure out who's the best in the game.

Image via Epic Games

PR in Fortnite refers to the power rankings of players based on results from tournaments run by Epic Games.

A player’s ranking is determined based on how well they perform in tournaments. Players can gain different amounts of points based on a perceived value of the tournament they’re participating in revolving around the number of players involved, its format, and the prize pool.

Points earned in the ranking system are cumulative, however, once you earn points, they start to decay four months after the event they were acquired in.

Fortnite power rankings can be found at Fortnitetracker.com.

The initial decay is only 10 percent of the points acquired at that event. But over the course of the next 14 months, that percentage of decay increases slowly until the event is omitted from the power rankings 18 months following an event’s conclusion.

Power rankings can be filtered to only include PC, console, or mobile players. The rankings can also be filtered to only include a specific region as well.