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The best Hide-and-Seek maps in Fortnite’s Creative mode

Rally your friends and try out these fun maps.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Creative mode allows players to build a variety of impressive maps highlighting different custom game modes such as Hide-and-Seek.

As the name suggests, Hide-and-Seek tasks players with navigating the map to find a place to hide while one player is appointed the seeker role and must locate and eliminate the hiding players.

This mode is one of the most popular creative modes in Fortnite since it requires more than one player and is perfect for a team of players to participate in together.

Here are some of the best Hide-and-Seek maps available in Fortnite today.

Friday the 13th


Based on the classic horror movie, this map places players in a forest setting by a lake where they will need to find adequate hiding spots to avoid a killer. This map is beautifully crafted to reflect the setting from the movie. There are multiple buildings that players can utilize, but most players will choose to stick to the woods to take cover behind the trees surrounding the location. For the hiding players to win, they must survive the time limit or else the seeker can win by eliminating all the remaining players.

Ruined Remains 2.0


Specifically made for the Hide-and-Seek mode, Ruined Remains 2.0 focuses on creating stunning landscapes equipped with plenty of hiding locations. Set in an abandoned setting, Ruined Remains has a variety of areas including baron ruins, abandoned buildings, and access to secret labs. This large map is perfect for Hide-and-Seek because of its variety and scale. If you are looking for a simple map that is perfect for the game mode, then this is the one for you.

Fishy Mansion


Set in a beachside mansion, Fishy Mansion features a range of different rooms to hide in as well as the beachside and surrounding paths. Fatal_Creations spent countless hours crafting this map with hidden objects that can be entered to remain out of sight. Available for between two and 16 players, putting together a group of friends and jumping into Hide-and-Seek at Fishy Mansion is always going to be a great time.

Moon Infection


Infection was made popular thanks to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This game mode is remarkably like hide-and-seek, but players who are found will become seekers tasked with finding the remaining hidden players. In this moon-based map, players will have the option to hide in the various craters or structures located on the surface of the moon. From there they will need to be ready to move as their allies are eliminated to ensure that no player is aware of their exact location.

Game of Thrones


Paying homage to the HBO series Game of Thrones this map will allow players to hide away in some of the show’s most well-known locations. From King’s Landing to the Citadel, XFightor has captured many of the show’s plots and settings to a T in this creation. It is a large map for the game mode, and while it is suited for bigger groups of players, even small parties can sightsee around the map and view these incredibly crafted structures.



Rypekk crafted a swamp landscape equipped with a variety of structures to use as cover. Aesthetically, the map captures its theme perfectly as you navigate through the run-down structures and swamp beds surrounded by trees and shrub. The way lighting is used in this map means that some locations will provide further cover with their shadow as well as some hidden locations remaining out of sight. As far as hide-and-seek maps go, this is as good as it gets and is worth checking out.

Post Apocalyptic Town


Much like Swamp, Post Apocalyptic Town is perfectly crafted for the game mode. Boasting a variety of different hiding places including some texture effects such as smoke, this map has it all. Even players who have played this before may find something new as the creator RobotWarrior62 is constantly updating the theme. Currently, the map features a Halloween iteration equipped with Witches and Ghouls scattered around the map. With its grand cityscape and countless Easter eggs to be found, Post Apocalyptic town is one of the best maps for Hide-and-Seek currently available.

Scary Spooky Flashlight Tag


Equipped with hidden spots, jump scares, and the allure of darkness, this map is sure to add to the intensity of hide-and-seek. One of its most unique features is that seekers will need to use flashlights to find the hidden players. This lack of visibility adds a whole new dimension to the mode and makes some hiding spots more effective than others. The map has a variety of locations—some water-based, others underground, and even some staged areas that offer scares along the way. If you are looking for a map that is more unique and difficult for the seekers, then Scary Spooky Flashlight Tag is a must-try.

Capsule Corp


Dragon Ball fans will be excited to know there is a map tailor-made for them in Capsule Corp. This map will take players to some of the show’s most iconic locations such as Capsule Corp headquarters, Master Roshi’s Island, and the location of an epic battle equipped with moving textures. The spectacle of what MTL_Rellik has created here is impressive and perfectly optimized for hide-and-seek with the inclusion of a variety of different places for players to hide. It may not be the best map on our list, but for fans of the show, it is the perfect map.