Nintendo Switch Fortnite players will need to create a new Epic Games account if it’s linked to a PS4 | E3 2018

Sony, seriously?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale is already out on the Nintendo Switch, but some players are already running into a problem: They can’t link their accounts.

If you have ever used your account on your PS4 to play Fortnite or downloaded the PS Plus exclusive items, then your account is effectively locked from ever being used on another system other than PC. That’s thanks to Sony’s strict policies on cross-platform gaming.

Instead, Switch owners will need to create a new account from scratch and lose all their progress from previous play sessions. If you play the game on mobile or Xbox One and not PS4, however, then you should be good to go with no issues whatsoever.

Image via Epic Games

You can unlink your Sony account from your Epic Games account but for some reason, if you go to do that, Epic will remove all of your purchases and earned game content on your Epic account and start you back from scratch. There is currently no other way to get around this issue.

If you haven’t put much time into your account or purchased anything, then this onviously won’t be an issue. For those who have sunk hours into the game over multiple seasons and purchases some items with V-bucks, however, then you are basically out of luck.