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Someone crossed a tunnel made of 132 damage traps in Fortnite

It took patience and perfect timing.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite damage traps can be unpredictable. If an opponent places one on the ceiling inside a house, you can activate it if you’re not careful enough to check before you move below it. When you are inside its activation area, you have a fraction of a second to spot it, to turn around, and to move back before it activates and deals you 150 damage.

Reddit user S2JT mastered moving within that time window. He created and crossed a tunnel made of 132 damage traps without taking damage. He used Fortnite’s free play mode Playground to build the tunnel and cover it with traps on the floor, the ceiling, and both walls.

The video shows S2JT repeating the same movement 33 times inside the tunnel: He steps on the edge of the floor trap to activate all four traps at once in that area, then he turns around and moves back a bit to avoid damage. With the traps activated, he safely crosses the area towards a new set of traps without taking damage. You can see that there are times he fails to activate a floor trap, so he repeats that movement on the same tile to activate it.

The key here is not only the timing to activate and avoid the trap, but also the timing to not activate the previous trap again. The damage traps in Fortnite: Battle Royale can be activated indefinitely, but only if a player is in its area after the five seconds it takes to reload. So when S2JT crosses an activated trap, he has to make sure he will be accurate when stepping on the next one to avoid standing on the current trap for too long.

It’s a shame that such a tunnel would never exist outside of Fortnite Playground mode. It is very unlikely that 132 traps would spawn in a single common match and that one player would carry all of them. But it’s still a fancy way to practice your reaction time to traps. It is still easier to avoid a trap by exploding it, though.