Ripley and Xenomorph skins released in Fortnite

"Why the hell don't you guys just freeze him?"

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has released skins for Alien’s Ripley and Xenomorph.

The two characters from the Alien movie universe have been added to the Item Shop and are available for a limited time. To showcase their launch, Epic released a trailer for the pair.

In this trailer, Ripley can be seen backing up towards a door as a swarm of Xenomorphs begin to surround her. As she keeps them back with a flamethrower in hand, the door opens and Jonesy appears ready to teleport them to the island.

These two characters are the latest “hunters” introduced to Fortnite over the duration of Chapter Two, Season Five. Notably, earlier in the year, the game introduced Predator, which sparked theories that the Xenomorph would come soon after.

With season five coming to end on March 15, it isn’t yet clear if these are the last additions to the hunters lineup before the end-of-season event takes place.

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