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Rarest Fortnite banners of all time

The rarest banners in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is best known for its skins, which players can purchase or unlock through gameplay. However, another huge aspect of Fortnite are the banners that players can use for their username and ID. Banners can be unlocked or bought based on what you’ve done in the game. Many banners seem uninteresting and plain, but the rarer banners tend to have much more detail.

The icon on the banner is most important, not the banner’s color. Icons that are harder to find usually have more detail than those that are easier to find.

Over time, banners have become less frequent, likely because the community only uses them to demonstrate how long you’ve been playing. Having a banner that shows you are an OG is a badge of honor and shows that you have supported the game since its release. It is common for players who have these to display them frequently.

The rarest banners aren’t always found when you first start playing the game.

Below we have listed the rarest banners in Fortnite. It’s a great way to show that you’re unique if you have one of these banners.

Alpha Tester 11

Screengrab via Epic Games

Anyone could have gotten the original Alpha Tester banner for participating in a single Alpha playtest. That banner was just a pyramid with a lightning bolt down the middle and a triangle with a hole on top. When you made it to 11 different alpha tests, that pyramid got many stars, a ribbon at the bottom, and wings.

Battle Bus

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Battle Bus was not hard to get; you just had to reach level 10 and buy it. What was difficult was doing this back in Chapter 1, Season 1. In Season 1, spending money on Fortnite was a gamble because there was no guarantee the game would take off the way it did. The banner you got was a bus jamming to some music.


Screengrab via Epic Games

You could obtain the Vulture Banner by reaching Tier 66 in Season 2 of Chapter 1. So you had to be a great player in Fortnite already and get to Tier 66, which took a lot of time. Again, Fortnite did not take off for some time, so this was a time-intensive task for a game that could have shut down the next year.

Dinosaur Skull

Screengrab via Epic Games

If reaching Tier 66 in Season 2 was hard, then reaching 99 in Season 3 was a big ask. Players would receive a Dinosaur skull in their banner to show how much effort they put into the game. This was for the original sweats of the game and those who had started playing Fortnite and gotten good at it, like NICKMERCS or Ninja.

Villain Emblem

Screengrab via Epic Games

This was less of a big ask. Season 4 is when more players started to get into Fortnite, and it became even bigger. This banner is special since it’s so valuable to the community. This banner has the Villain Emblem, the ultimate way to say you’re a menace in the game. It looks like a diamond to us, so we’re not sure how it looks like a villain, but we’re sure there’s a connection.


Screengrab via Epic Games

You could unlock the Cobra emblem by reaching Tier 88 in Fortnite Season 5. Arguably, this is a much more menacing banner than the previous one because it has a Cobra that looks like it should be in the Cobra Kai Netflix show.


Screengrab via Epic Games

The Glyph was a banner you’d get only for completing the Road Trip Challenges back in Season 5. Challenges today aren’t very difficult, and Epic Games expects players to complete them all anyway, but when they were in the game in the first year, it was a big ask to get players to repeat actions just to finish challenges.

It looks like a glyph from an older civilization because all we see is an L and a P, similar to how Linkin Park used to do their band logo.


Screengrab via Epic Games

Tomatohead was another banner you could unlock by completing the Road Trip Challenges. TomatoHead is a familiar face to Fortnite players today, but back then, it would be hard to know how valuable this banner would be. It’s just TomatoHead with some utensils on his head as if it were a makeshift crown.

DJ Yonder

Screengrab via Epic Games

DJ Yonder is a banner you could unlock back in Season 6 for completing Hunting Party Challenges. There were many banners you could unlock for Hunting Party Challenges in Season 6, but DJ Yonder looks the coolest. It’s a llama, which has been the de facto mascot for Fortnite but in a cool futuristic helmet. Its ears have headphones, and it looks like it’s the baddest beast around. Definitely one that you should display if you have it.


Screengrab via Epic Games

If you don’t remember Paragon, it’s the game Epic had out until they realized Fortnite could get them a ton of money. So they pulled the staff and resources from the game, and it became one of the first games Fortnite killed.

To get the banner, you had to play Paragon at least once while it was around when Fortnite was. So you had to play the game in 2017 or early 2018 to have gotten this banner.

Epic Games

Screengrab via Epic Games

You better be on your best behavior when you see someone with this banner walking around. To get it, you need to be an employee of Epic Games. This makes it incredibly rare, and if you kill someone with this banner while hacking, it’s better just to quit and start a new account because you won’t keep yours for long.

Holiday Survival Hard

Screengrab via Epic Games

You were rewarded with this chilling banner if you finished the Holiday Survival on Hard. It’s basically a skull and cross bones, but there are peppermint sticks instead of bones and a crown over the skull. The Chinese version of Fortnite has three circles lined up vertically.

Survival Stonewood

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Survival Stonewood banner was a skull on fire. There are crosses on the eyes, so we assume that the skull is no longer living. You needed to complete the Survive the Storm mission in Stonewood in Save The World to get it. Save The World is the original Fortnite concept but since battle royale mode is much more popular, it’s rare to find someone with any banners for it.

Unreal Engine

Screengrab via Epic Games

Players could pick their commanders during the Search For Survivors event of Save The World. The commanders were just influencers who were big at the time. During this time, NICKMERCS, SypherPK, Myth, and Ninja were not influential enough to be considered commanders for the Fortnite event, which shows how long ago it was.

These banners are rare, but not choosing any influencer and picking the Unreal Engine is even rarer. Sure, at the time, it was a definite waste, but now it’s really rare to have.


Screengrab via Epic Games

It’s hard to find someone who paid for Fortnite since the game has been free for a while. What’s even harder to find is someone who paid for the Ultimate Edition of Fortnite and is considered a founder of the game.

The Knife banner is one of the banners given to players who fit into this category.

Plays Well With Others

Screengrab via Epic Games

Plays Well with Others could only be obtained by completing 1,000 Play With Others missions in Save The World. That’s a big ask, but the banner shows that you definitely have friends, which you don’t need to prove if you played that many missions.

Dungeons Champion

Screengrab via Epic Games

You could get a lot of banners for completing the Dungeons event, but none are rarer than the Dungeons Champion banner. You could only unlock the Dungeons Champion banner by completing every Dungeon on Power Level 140. The banner looks like a gatehouse with power coming from it, basically what you’ve proven of yourself by completing it.

Buried Snowman

Screengrab via Epic Games

During the Frostnite event of Save The World, players could earn a lot of banners, but one was cooler than the others. You could only obtain the Buried Snowman banner by surviving for 30 minutes in Week 2 of Challenge 3 during Frostnite 2018.

There was also a second chance to unlock this Banner by completing the Final Frost challenge in Frostnite 2019.

Hit The Road

Screengrab via Epic Games

There were two banners you could unlock during the Hit The Road event in Save The World, but this is arguably one of the sweatiest banners ever made. When you completed the mission on Power Level 140 without damaging your truck, you received a banner with a radio tower emitting electricity.

You should avoid players with this banner because they have proven how unbelievably good they are at Fortnite.

Into The Storm

Screengrab via Epic Games

During the Into The Storm event in Save the World, players could earn a banner with a scorpion by completing the mission on Power Level 70. The Scorpion looks incredibly cool and makes us think of a lone ranger out in the desert getting ready to snag their Victory Royale.

World Cup 2019

Screengrab via Epic Games

The 2019 World Cup should hold a special place in many Fortnite players’ hearts because this was one of the biggest tournaments in Fortnite history. This was when Bugha became world champion and the last year before COVID halted the World Cups.

This was a time when everyone believed that being great at a game could make you a millionaire because Bugha won three million dollars on the spot.

You got the banner for participating, and it really is something that gives you nostalgia.