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Ninja and Reverse2k set new record for duo win streak in Fortnite

Fortnite streamers Ninja and Reverse2k set a new record for consecutive wins while in duos match.

Image via Epic Games

Ninja and Reverse2k set a new record for longest duo Fortnite win streak. 

Tag team streamers Ninja and Reverse2k broke the record for the longest duo win streak in Fortnite. Ninja paired with Reverse2k, another top tier Fortnite player, to stomp opponents in a record breaking series of matches. And the pair made it look easy. 

The record stood at 42 wins in one streak. Ninja and Reverse2k needed 43. With roughly 10 wins to go, they sailed through their matches with minimal bumps. Early in the stream, Ninja was downed due to a disconnect, leaving Reverse2k surrounded by opponents with low shields and materials. 

Reverse2k saved the match, taking out four other players to earn the win. 

Their matches went down to the wire, with the storm just as much of a threat as the enemy’s weapons. Ninja returned the favor after Reverse2k fell to the storm as it closed in. The final two died, leaving Ninja and Reverse2k with another win.

Their strategy was to lay low and let the other players kill each other. Ninja mentioned this strategy was new to them. Yesterday, he said, they had an average of 15 up to 30 kills per game. But with two big name streamers hunting for a record, stream snipers were eager to halt their progress. Playing cautiously and hiding their screens while landing, they managed to dodge stream snipers. 

Reverse2k remained calm, repeating “Ice in the veins” to keep his proverbial cool. Ninja, while he wasn’t lacking confidence, was eager and nervous for their prospects.

The gifts came pouring in with their final win. The relief and excitement was palpable as the teammates rejoiced. A representative for Epic Games congratulated them and suggested a plaque for their success.

Riding their victory, they decided to break the record for all platforms. Reverse2k said 10 straight victories would be a “nice flex.”