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NICKMERCS calls out Epic over Fortnite Champions Series problems

The FaZe Clan controller star is over Epic's lack of communication.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

The second week of the $5 million Fortnite Champions Series for Chapter Two, season one was plagued with in-game bugs and issues that caused some players to lose out on their hard-earned points during the first match on Saturday, Nov. 9. And one of the affected players, FaZe Clan’s Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, wasn’t happy about it.

NICKMERCS went to land at a spot in the first match but was booted out of the match before he could even begin. The controller Fortnite player was noticeably upset since him and several other teams lost out on valuable points and an important match.

All FNCS players have 10 matches to gain as many points as they can, but due to the error, NICKMERCS and his team were forced to only play nine games. To make matters worse, because of the time constraint and lost match, the squad wasn’t able to complete their final match.

The 28-year-old addressed his chat after dealing with the frustrating issue in the FNCS.

“I don’t understand how two years and some change with this game and things like this can happen,” NICKMERCS said. “I’m not trying to make it about me. I’m talking on the behalf of everybody that had a really good first game and they just don’t count it.”

With the third week of the FNCS slated to kick off on Saturday, Nov. 16, Epic has less than a week to fix the issue to avoid any more lost points or matches.