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How to unlock all rewards during the Fortnite Best Friendzy event

It's as easy as playing with your friends.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite began a two-week “Best Friendzy” event today that rewards players with in-game cosmetics for playing games with people on their friends list.

The event runs from today, Aug. 31, until Sept. 12. Players can begin the process of unlocking new goodies by registering their Epic Games account with the website.

There are four rewards in total: The Outer Space Handshake emote, Invasion Remix lobby track, Life’s a Beach gun wrap, and Aquari-Axe pickaxe.

You can earn those rewards by leveling up with points that you gain based on the amount of time you play with your friends.

Every 10 minutes that you play with your friends, you’ll receive one point toward a level. There’s an unlimited amount of points you can gain in a day from playing the battle royale, but you can also earn up to six points doing Creative modes.

Additionally, you can earn three times as many points during a special daily bonus time period.

The Outer Space Handshake is the reward for level one, Invasion Remix is level two, Life’s a Beach is level three, and the Aquari-Axe is earned at level four.

Once you’ve registered and begun to play, rewards will be given directly to your account within an hour of reaching any level, according to the FAQ section on Epic’s website.