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How to play Close Encounters LTM in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1

It's Fortnite, but much faster.

Image via Epic Games

The v19.20 update for Fortnite was recently released and The Foundation quests aren’t the only new additions to the game.

Players hanging out in the lobby may have stumbled upon a new tab called Close Encounters Bonus Goals. The tab features a set of challenges that can only be completed in Close Encounters, a limited-time game mode (LTM).

While the game mode itself sounds self-explanatory and the challenges look simple enough, finding out how you can start playing this game mode can be harder than it looks.

How to play Close Encounters in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one

At time of writing, the Close Encounters LTM isn’t available in Fortnite. Considering the quests are live, however, the game mode should become available shortly. When it does, players will be able to try out the new game mode via the Discover Tab in the Main Menu.

Click on Close Encounters on the Discover Tab and press on Play to start queueing for the game mode. As its name suggests, expect plenty of close-quarters combat in Close Encounters. The previous iterations of the game mode featured the regular Fortnite map, but the safe zone starts collapsing noticeably sooner at a faster rate. Players could only use shotguns in the game mode alongside jetpacks, and the most recent iteration of the game mode is likely to feature the same characteristics.

With a faster circle, players will have less time to loot, meaning they’ll need to focus more on winning skirmishes to make it to the end game.