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How to get Wrath’s Wrath Wrap in Fortnitemares 2020

Is this a tongue twister or a gun wrap?

Image via Epic Games

We’re slowly approaching the holiday season and Halloween acts as the perfect gatekeeper that guards the entrance of the most magical time of the year. Even if you’ve passed the age of trick-or-treating, you can still enjoy Halloween in Fortnite

The Fortnitemares event is Epic Games’ way of bringing the vibe you see outside of your windows into Fortnite—and it comes bearing gifts.

Fortnitemares is loaded with quests that reward XP and cosmetics, making it an event that you can’t afford to miss. While some rewards are locked behind simple quests that you can complete in a single game, others will require you to do some treasure hunting.

How to unlock Wrath’s Wrath Wrap in Fortnitemares 2020

Screengrab via Epic Games

You’ll need to complete a series of events to be able to claim Wrath’s Wrath Wrap. Throughout Fortnite’s Halloween event, the Creative mode will feature four Fortnitemare islands. There will be a treasure buried in each of these islands, storing the parts of the code that unlocks Wrath’s Wrath Wrap.

The code will have four digits in total and it’ll take four days to obtain the full version of it. The first island on the list will be available on Oct. 21 and the last one will go live on Oct. 24. If you’d like to complete this challenge by yourself, you’ll need to log into Fortnite every day and play the Fortnitemares Creative map.

If you’ve never played anything other than the Arena mode, all you’ll need to do is navigate to the Play tab and hit the Change button to select the Creative mode.

After completing all parts of the code, you’ll need to head over to the Redeem section of Fortnite’s website and enter it to add Wrath’s Wrath Wrap to your locker.

This guide will be updated as the islands get released and players get their hands on the hidden codes, but you’ll need to redeem it before Oct. 27 at 9am CT. The code will expire after that and the wrap won’t be obtainable unless Epic decides to include it in a flash in-game shop sale.

  • Day one code: TBA
  • Day two code: TBA
  • Day three code: TBA
  • Day four code: TBA