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How to get the Prowler skin in Fortnite

You have to complete the Prowler Challenges before the end of the current season.

Image via Epic Games

Prowler, a character from Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the special skin in Fortnite Chapter Three, season two. The skin is obtainable after players complete a set of different challenges in-game.

To get started, the players have to acquire the battle pass for Chapter Three Season Two if they haven’t done so. After the battle pass is activated, players are able to access all of the Prowler Challenges that not only unlock the Prowler skin but also eight Prowler cosmetics items.

In order to unlock the Prowler skin, players have to complete at least three Prowler Challenges. These have to get done before the current season ends because after it ends, the skin is no longer obtainable.

Here are all of the Prowler Challenges and what each quest unlocks.

Prowler ChallengesRewards
Collect 300 gold barsOn The Prowl loading screen
Collect three different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in a single matchProwler Banner Icon
Mod a vehicle and drive it 0.5 kilometers in a single matchProwler’s Grasp emoticon
Search seven chests before taking any damage in a matchSky Prowler glider
Headshot three opponents with a thermal weaponMark of the Prowler weapon wrap
Deal 500 damage to opponents while crouched or slidingEnergy Claw harvesting tool
Use the spray one time at The Daily BuggleProwler Tag spray
Complete seven Prowler ChallengersSlash and Smash in-built emote