How to get the new Plasma Cannon in Fortnite

Players will have a couple of ways to acquire the weapon.

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With the release of Fortnite’s v17.21 today, Epic Games added yet another new weapon to the game called the Plasma Cannon.

While this new weapon may not be great when it comes to directly damaging your opponents, it’s fantastic at uncovering other players who may be hiding in structures. 

That’s because the Plasma Cannon shoots a giant ball of energy that destroys any structure in its path for a short distance, including ones made out of stronger materials like metal or stone.

Plasma Cannon locations and crafting options

If players want to get their hands on the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite, they’ll have a couple of options. The first is to simply find it in either a standard chest or an IO chest. Obviously, there’s no guarantee you’ll find it in either, but you’ll have a better chance in the latter.

The other way to acquire it is to craft it. To make it, players will have to get their hands on a Legendary-rarity pistol (which shouldn’t be too hard if you can find a lower rarity pistol and have some extra gold to spend) and one Alien Nanite. After acquiring both, players can simply open their crafting menu and make it. 

The Plasma Cannon is of Legendary rarity, and while there is a talk of a Mythic version of the item floating around online, this seems to be incorrect. 

Some creators and players have said that if you combine the standard Legendary version of the Plasma Cannon with an Alien Nanite, you’ll make a Mythic version of the weapon. After verifying in-game, it can be confirmed that this is not the case—at least for the time being.

While the version in the crafting menu is suspiciously referred to as the “Bad News” rather than the Plasma Cannon, it’s still listed as a Legendary and, once crafted, is referred to by its correct name.

It’ll be interesting to see just how widely used this weapon becomes in standard matches, since it’s currently the quickest way to get rid of structures.


Tanner Pierce

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