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How to find and place Fire Traps in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4

Don't set fire to the rain.

Image via Epic Games

The third week Fortnite’s Chapter two, season four is here. Numerous heroes and villains from the Marvel universe have made their way into the Fortnite world, and fans can experience the season with a new set of weekly challenges.

Like previous weeks, this set of weekly challenges rewards XP toward the season’s Battle Pass. Characters like Iron-Man, Groot, and Storm are available through the Battle Pass as skins, while unlocking Wolverine will require you to do some detective work. Regardless of your favorite hero and villain, you’ll need a lot of XP to unlock them and their powers. One of this week’s challenges invites players to place a fire trap, which is a new trick to gain an upper hand over your enemies.

Fire traps were introduced to the game with Chapter two, season four, and are scattered around the map as regular loot. You can find this trap item sitting on the ground or from chests, almost anywhere around the map. There isn’t a guaranteed place you can find one of these traps, so you’ll need to keep looking until you can secure one.

This item is categorized as a building slot equipment, so make sure you have enough space for it when you come across. Luckily, this challenge only requires you to place it. Trying to deal damage would be a whole different story and be a lot more time-consuming.

How can you place Fire Traps in Fortnite Chapter two, season four?

There are still a couple of tricks you can try to speed up the process of finding the Fire Traps. You’ll need to place a total of three traps, and jumping into a Team Rumble match should increase your odds since there will be more time for looting.

If you’re good at spotting Loot Llamas from a distance, we highly recommend doing that since the odds of getting this trap out of a llama looks to be higher than a regular chest. Try to loot a single point of interest by yourself in other cases, and there should at least be a single Fire Trap waiting for you. 

Once you secure yourself a trap, all you need to do is place it, you’ll need a wall or any type of straight surface to set a trap. All kinds of houses should work in this case and if you’re out in the open, simply build yourself a wall from any type of material, and you should be able to place the fire trap.

Completing this quest will reward players with 25,000 XP.