How to destroy turrets with a remote explosive in Fortnite

Demolish the turrets with a bang.

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Fortnite’s Chapter Three, season two is almost over, and week seven bought in new seasonal quests for players to complete. One of the quests asks the player to destroy turrets with remote explosives.

These remote explosives are a Rare (purple) item in Fortnite. They can be found as floor loot and from chests, llamas, and airdrops. If players can’t find some C4, though, they can head towards the east of Coney Crossroads to find Peely, the banana NPC. He sells the item for 776 gold, and players can spend some hard-earned gold to purchase the explosives. It is pretty expensive to buy these, so players should be better off finding them in the wild.

After acquiring the explosives, players need a turret to complete the challenge. They can find a turret on the IO Blimps, and even the crashed ones in the water have one turret. Places like the Daily Bugle, Rocky Reels, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern are also full of turrets blown up in pieces. After locating a turret, players can place a remote explosive at the base or on the top of the turrets and move away from the location to avoid taking fatal damage. Then, they need to click right-click to detonate the bombs from a safe distance.

Players can use one remote explosive to destroy a turret thoroughly, but they can use more than one as these items come in a stack of three. Players should complete the objective as soon as the turret is blown up, giving them 20,000 experience points to level up their battle pass. If they regularly completed their seasonal quests, they should also get two Omni chips to unlock the Omni Sword pickaxe fully.


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