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How much health do Klombos have in Fortnite?

You might not want to fight these chonkers.

Image via Epic Games

Dinosaur-like creatures have started to appear in the Fortnite universe, and if you happen to find one, you will have an option to befriend it—or fight it.

Klombos are a new type of NPC that players can find around grassy or snowy areas occasionally, and with acid ball and stomp abilities, the six-legged, scaly creatures can be lethal if you’re not ready prepared.

Data reported to Fortnite Wiki suggests these Klombos deal 15 to 20 with their acid ball and stomp abilities, and while they’re a large target that’s reasonably easy to shoot at, you certainly won’t be able to take them down with one or two shots. Whenever you encounter a Klombo, you will need to deal 2,000 damage to it to take it down, according to stats from Fortnite Wiki, and they only take one damage from all sources of damage regardless of how powerful they might typically be. So if you’re looking to take down a Klombo, you’ll probably want to have some friends and an escape strategy.

Along with attacking a Klombo, players can befriend these beasts by feeding them Klomberries. The item makes them dispense items.

If you’re not looking to engage in combat with a Klombo, all you need to do is refrain from shooting in its direction. These monsters will only become aggressive toward players if they’re attacked.