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Here are the patch notes for the Fortnite v19.40 update

Amazing Web Week is here.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is known for its nearly weekly updates that provide new items and challenges to players as they journey across the island. This constant new content ensures that players come back for more each time, eager to see which direction Epic Games has taken the battle royale.

The most recent patch on March 1 is the v19.40 update, which focuses on everyone’s favorite web slingers. As we move into the end of the current season, players will likely see Web Shooters put into the vault. But players who still want to take advantage of the game-changing item will have plenty of opportunities with this week’s challenges.

From March 1 to 8, Fortnite will have its Amazing Web Week. Players are urged to find  Spider-Man’s Web Shooters as chest loot or in their regular spots across the island and complete quests for experience. 

For Fortnite’s Impostor mode, proximity voice chat has been enabled. This change means that only those near you will be able to hear what you say, allowing you to scheme in secret. Another new feature allows players to adjust the time of day while viewing a replay. If the lighting conditions aren’t favorable, you can change the time of day in the camera settings. 

As with most patches, this update squashed a couple of bugs limiting playability. First, Epic implemented a fix for players whose outfits were glowing with the blue hologram in the lobby. Another issue included a better translation of the names of points of interest inside the game. 

In the update notes, Epic said that when Amazing Web Week ends, another will start up. That will mark the third special week as Fortnite gets ready to say goodbye to Chapter Three, season one, on March 19, 2022.