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Harpoon Gun secretly added to Fortnite Chapter 2

Get over here.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has seemingly forgotten about patch notes since Fortnite Chapter Two, season one arrived.

Every week, there’s usually a content update or patch that introduces weapon balancing changes or new items to keep the game fresh. This week’s update saw the addition of a new weapon, the Harpoon Gun. But Epic never officially announced the addition of the Harpoon Gun—it just quietly joined the game.


FortTory posted a gameplay video earlier today showing a player using the new weapon to pull an enemy toward them and force a battle.

The weapon only appears in one rarity, rare, and deals 75 damage. Once the harpoon lands on a player, it’ll pull and drag them directly in front of the user.

A player also discovered that the Harpoon Gun can be used to reel in fishing loot faster than a Fishing Rod.

Players will likely develop new tactics with the Harpoon Gun since it seemingly deals 75 damage every shot, meaning the new weapon could be Fortnite’s latest overpowered item.

While the Harpoon Gun may not be as devastating as the Infinity Blade, a new meta could certainly form around this weapon.