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Fortnite’s The Baller vehicle has been temporarily disabled

Epic hasn't said when it will return.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s latest vehicle, The Baller, has been temporarily disabled from the game.

Epic Games decided to take the vehicle out of the game to investigate stability issues with the spherical device. Epic also said that it will roll out a status update once the team knows more about what’s going on.

The Baller was added in last week’s version 8.10 update, but it’s had plenty of issues since it was released. For starters, one bug with the vehicle can kill a player instantly if they’re near the Volcano.

Some players have even been able to launch themselves into the sky and out of the map, unable to move at times. The problems don’t stop there, however, which is probably why Epic sought to get rid of the item as soon as possible.

There’s no word on when The Baller will return yet, or if it will ever return at all, so keep your eyes peeled on Epic’s social media accounts to find out more.

Update March 18 11:28am CT: Epic has “collected the data we were looking for and have re-enabled The Baller.”