Fortnite team disqualified from $3 million tournament following offensive tweet

16-year-old Fortnite player Wrigley had a few choice words for Epic Games.

Image via Epic Games

A team competing in the $3 million Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) has been disqualified from the tournament after tagging and insulting the CEO of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, on social media.

“Like literally fucking k!ll your$elf @DonaldMustard,” 16-year-old Fortnite player Wrigley wrote on Twitter. The player’s account has since been deleted.

Wrigley, along with his teammates Dictate and Userz were participating in the NA East segment of the tournament and had just finished their sixth game before they were disqualified.

Although they were at the bottom of the table, they were guaranteed to earn some prize money going forward.

Dictate, Wrigley’s teammate, revealed that the team had been disqualified on Twitter in the form of an email sent by Epic.

“We are writing to inform you of your team’s disqualification and removal from the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS competition, effective immediately,” the email said. “Based on an internal investigation, a member of your team has violated Section 8.1.2 of the Official Rules, which reads as follows: Players must be respectful of other players, Event Administrators, spectators, and sponsors.”

The team, despite being in a poor position, had six matches left before the winner of the tournament was to be decided. A total of $690,000 was on the line.

Teammate Userz weighed in on the situation. “I wish we could be able to have an opportunity for an emergency sub,” he wrote. “What Wrigley did was completely out of our control.”

“Just played this whole season for $0 oh my fucking god,” Dictate added. “Can I at least have my $600 bro child support ain’t cheap @DonaldMustard”