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Fortnite Save the World (STW) patch notes

There's a new patch in town.

Image via Epic Games

There’s more than one way to play Fortnite. In addition to the more popular battle royale mode, Save the World (STW) allows players to enjoy the Fortnite world in the form of a tower-defending/zombie-slaying game.

Though Epic initially intended to make the game free, those plans changed and STW made its full release with a price tag. Despite being less popular than its battle royale sibling, STW receives frequent updates, including balance changes, new cosmetics, and map changes that aim to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

The most recent STW patch went live on Jan. 24. Here are all the patch notes.

  • The Mild Meadows is back
    • Commanders will get to use the Exclamation Modifier, a simple mechanic that will help them on the field. As your elimination streak increases, your team will receive a boost and deal bonus damage capping out at 100 percent.
    • Reaching elimination streaks will also trigger an Elemental Burst at all.
    • Commanders’ current locations. An Elemental Burst deals damage and unleashes additional effects.
      • 30 Eliminations: Nature Burst: This burst damages surrounding enemies and stuns them for three seconds.
      • 60 Eliminations: Fire Burst: This burst will deal damage and apply a blistering debuff causing damage per second.
      • 90 Eliminations: Dance Party This burst deals damage and refills Commander’s energy. It also causes the Husks to dance for a duration of seven seconds.
      • 120 Eliminations: Ice Burst: This burst damages and freezes nearby targets for five seconds.
      • 150 Eliminations: Energy Burst: This burst damages nearby enemies and causes them to take increased damage for 10 seconds.
        • Losing your streak will reset Escalation Bonuses to reset.
  • Wargames
    • Players will be able to test their defenses against unique and challenging simulations in Wargames which can be found inside their Storm Shield bases.
    • Completing daily and weekly quests in Wargames will reward players with Event Tickets, Gold, Banners, Evolution Materials, and PERK rewards.
  • The Lunar LLama
    • The Lunar Llama stores the might of the Dragon Weapons and Chinese New Year Heroes.
  • Wukong
    • Standard Perk: Explosive Rounds
      • Every six ranged weapon eliminations trigger an explosion that deals 37 base damage in a one tile radius.
    • Commander Perk: Explosive Rounds+
      • Every six ranged weapon eliminations trigger an explosion that deals 111 base damage in a one tile radius.
  • The Dragon’s Fist
    • The Dragon’s Fist is a slow-moving hammer. It harnesses the power of the great drawings and can unleash the Overhead Smash heavy attack, which knockbacks enemies while dealing increased damage.
  • No Dancing Questline
    • With the dreaded Love Storm returning, players will need to stop this threat. Stopping it from hitting Homebase will reward players with Stoneheart Farrah in their squads.
  • Stoneheart Farrah
    • Standard Perk: Cupid’s Arrow
      • On Bow hit, arrows splinter, dealing 20 percent damage to three nearby targets.
    • Commander Perk: Cupid’s Arrow+
      • On Bow hit, arrows splinter, dealing 60 percent damage to five nearby targets.

Coming on Jan. 31

  • War Games Week Two: Mist Pods
    • Takedown the Mist Pods fast before tougher enemies emerge.
  • Snuggle Specialist Sarah
    • Standard Perk: Tail of the Dragon
      • Dragon Slash leaves behind an energized trail, dealing 26 base Energy Damage per second.
    • Commander Perk: Tail of the Dragon+
      • Dragon Slash leaves behind an energized trail, dealing 64 base Energy Damage per second and slowing enemies by 30 percent for three seconds.
  • The Robo-Kevin Pack
    • The Robo-Kevin pack includes a new Hero and Outfit, the Whirrr Backbling, the Power Pick Pickaxe, the Robo-Kevin Challenges, and access to STW.
    • Completing these STW challenges will reward players with 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets.
      • Cosmetics items that are a part of this bundle will be shared through FortniteBattle RoyaleSTW, and Creative. The new pack series won’t have an impact on the existing Founder’s daily login rewards.
      • While purchasing the bundle is the only way to unlock the included cosmetics for the moment, the skins and items featured in the bundle may appear inside the in-game item shop at later dates.

If you can’t log into STW and Fortnite’s servers are running during a patch day, chances are that the game might be down for maintenance. Rolling out content and balance patches usually require maintenance beforehand to make sure players can enjoy the new content once it goes live.

This article will be updated whenever there’s a new STW patch.