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Fortnite player uses racial slur in video showcasing weapons and ammo

It is unclear if the player will be allowed to compete.

Image via Epic Games

A Fortnite player recently uploaded a video showing a room full of weapons and in which they used a racial slur before doubling down on their racist rhetoric. 

Racism and bigotry aren’t the first things most people associate with video games, but they unfortunately constantly appear in online settings. Sin, a Fortnite player, recently showed how relevant the issue is by uploading a video including a racial slur and showcasing a room full of guns. 

As reported by Jake Lucky, a since-deleted video shows Sin giving a tour of a room full of weapons in case of a “zombie apocalypse or a n****r outbreak” before panning to a supply of other weapons and ammo. Sin also confirmed it was him in the video while saying he doesn’t understand why everyone is mad. Another screengrab shows Sin confirming he is “racist and proud.”

Other individuals have provided screengrabs of racist tweets from Sin, establishing a pattern of racism. He has since deleted his Twitter account and it is unclear if he will be able to continue to compete in Fortnite events.

Sin qualified for the FNCS Grand Final, although this video could cut his career short. The Fortnite Competitive Twitter account hasn’t publicly acknowledged the video and has hidden replies referencing Sin from a tweet featuring his name. 

Epic Games also hasn’t acknowledged the video or situation, but a response and resolution may be presented soon.