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Fortnite’s party system is partially down, so you may not be able to play with friends

Epic Games is already trying to identify and solve the issue.

Image via Epic Games

There’s an issue with friends lists and party systems in Fortnite: Battle Royale right now that “may prevent players from accessing their friends lists or joining a party,” according to a statement on Epic Games’ Public Status page.

The developer took to Twitter to announce that it’s “working to identify an issue with the friend list and party services.” Epic hasn’t revealed if the issue is affecting servers in all platforms or if it is limited to PC, PS4, or Xbox One. The status page reveals a “Partial outage” of Parties, Friends, and Messaging services in Epic Games as a whole, which means it’s likely that all platforms and games were affected to some extent.

Since the current outage is partial, some players might be able to chat or even play with friends right now, but the odds are most will have a hard time until the issue is identified and solved by Epic.

The developer still didn’t reveal how complex the problem is or how long it may take to solve it. Players can expect updates on the party systems from Fortnite‘s official Twitter account.

Update May 29 5:30pm CT: Epic Games has revealed the friend service is back online. The status page shows all services as “operational,” and the developer says it will continue “to monitor the situation and player traffic returns.”