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Fortnite is teasing something aquatic for its next season

Could the map be flooded next season?

Image via Epic Games

It appears that Epic Games has started to tease the next season of Fortnite with some in-game images.

With over a month left in Fortnite Chapter Two, season two, there’s plenty of time for Epic to tease its next batch of content. Chapter Two, season three is scheduled to release on June 4.

The teasers have popped up in-game at the No Sweat Insurance building in Lazy Lake with the game’s new v12.50 update. The posters show Meowscles in water wearing a bathing suit and swimmies, as well as Peely swimming away from a giant shark.

The third image shows a house on a floatation device, leading many to believe there could be some kind of flood that will overtake the map. Data miner FortTory has revealed that the images are named as season 13 teasers in the files.

It’s all speculation at this point, but whatever kind of event could flood the map could make things interesting, especially if the underwater swimming animation used during the Travis Scott concert becomes a full-time mechanic.

Fortnite fans can expect more teasers like this to pop up over the coming weeks before the new season begins on June 4.