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The best drop locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4

Landing is the first step toward a Victory Royale.

Image via Epic Games

Though there are many aspects that make or break a top Fortnite player, like aiming and building, luck also plays a massive factor in the popular battle royale. The chances of you taking down a player with a golden tactical shotgun by using a gray submachine gun will always be lower than they would be the other way around.

Playing safe is one of the best pieces of advice that’s given to new Fortnite players. But this also requires safe landing spots. And the loot options are limited at best when you land at less-popular points of interest (POI).

Like every other season, the fourth leg of Fortnite’s second chapter introduced new changes to the map, which spiced up the game in terms of landing spots. The best landing spots in Fortnite are usually high-risk, high-reward options. There will be many other players landing with you, meaning you may need to do some killing before you concentrate on looting.

If you believe you have what it takes to clear a whole POI, then here are the best landing spots you can try out for the ultimate loot in Fortnite Chapter Two, season four.

Misty Meadows

Despite being one of the larger points of interest in Fortnite, Misty Meadows is one of the least popular landing places. The fact that it’s far away from the center of the map means players landing here will need to hurry up while looting in most cases to make it back into the circle in time.

In addition to featuring over 20 chests, including the ice boxes, Misty Meadows is also one of the best fishing hubs in Fortnite. Epic has added more than 20 new fish to the game and fishing has become a vital part of every looting pattern since the start of Chapter Two, season four.

Most chests are located in the houses’ attics and ground floors, meaning that you’ll always have cover while looting. The boats parked around the docks of Misty Meadows should also be enough for you to make your way into the circle once you’re done looting. You can use a boat’s rockets for fishing faster, which can reduce your overall looting time.

Catty Corner

While Misty Meadows will have enough loot to feed a whole squad, it may feel too lonely if you’re playing solos. Catty Corner is relatively close to Lazy Lake and Retail Row, meaning most of your competition will be heading there.

The chests around Catty Corner are somewhat scattered, but it’s possible to find more than nine chests in the location. Make sure to check out both sides of the landmark since there aren’t any henchmen lurking around anymore. Be mindful of players who may be making their way down from the snowy mountain behind Catty Corner, though. You should be fine if you’re in a duo or squad match since the mountain only has enough loot for a single person, but definitely keep your eyes open if you’re in a solo game.

One of the main drawbacks of this location is that you won’t be able to fish efficiently. There aren’t any boats or fishing spots nearby, forcing you to rely on more traditional health items like bandages, health kits, and shield potions.

There are two nearby car spawns around the bottom end of Catty Corner, however. If the circle is too far away from your location, consider hopping onto one since vehicles are one of the best ways to travel around the map, tied with boats.

Doom’s Domain

Not everyone enjoys landing safely and spending the first 10 minutes looting with their fingers crossed. If you enjoy the thrill of landing hot and challenging the majority of the lobby right after your feet touch the ground, then Doom’s Domain is the place to be this season.

Formerly known as Pleasant Park, Doctor Doom seized control of the popular point of interest and the landmark turned into the Marvel villain’s headquarters. Doctor Doom himself will be cruising around while carrying some of that sweet Mythic loot. He drops a keycard as well, which unlocks a secret vault inside the soccer pitch that drops even more loot. Most players landing here will be after Doom’s treasure, so a certain level of planning is a must before you start gliding toward Doom’s Domain.

There are more than 30 chests around the landmark, which are filled with enough resources to last you until the end of the game. One common strategy you can try out in Doom’s Domain is landing at one of the side buildings and biding your time while the rest of the players battle it out for Doom’s keycard. Once you’re sure that there’s no one else left, you can leave your hiding spot to ambush the player with the keycard. Though this could be considered as a somewhat dull strategy, it’s surprisingly effective.

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs is one of the sleeper landmarks in Fortnite. The point of interest is close to other popular landing places like Doom’s Domain and Steamy Stacks, which reduces the level of competition. There are around 20 chests in this tiny village and it’s possible to find a couple of more around nearby huts and islands. A total of four boats will be at your service once you’re done looting and there should be plenty of fishing spots to compliment your consumables setup.

Though it’s at the edge of the Fortnite map, making your way back into the circle from Craggy Cliffs is going to be a walk in the park. There’s a straight river-line toward the middle of the map and you can also take your boat to the ground level to loot nearby houses.

Be careful of your surroundings while you’re rushing into the circle, however, since the winners of the nearby landmarks are likely to have better loot than you. Survivors from Doom’s Domain may be making plans to laser you down with their Mythic weapons, while Steamy Stacks’ looters can spot you from above. There will be plenty of fishing spots scattered around your way back to the circle, though, which makes the risk worth it.

Dirty Docks

Despite being the home of over 25 chests, Dirty Docks often leaves players with mediocre loot. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, though, since you can always prey upon the players with better loot. The main reasons why Dirty Docks suddenly became one of the better landing spots in the game are the fish buffs and the introduction of vehicles.

There are a total of 17 vehicle spawns in Dirty Docks, ranging from trucks to Whiplash. If cars aren’t your thing, you can also take one of the seven boats to get right back into the action. While the loot will be above average at best, the mobility options make this landmark a great spot to loot. If you’re playing squads, everyone can get geared in Dirty Docks in about five minutes and you can start wreaking havoc on nearby points of interest with a couple of cars.

The road back to the game can be bumpy, however, since Dirty Docks is located under a mountain. Make sure you have enough time to get back since it’s relatively easy to lose track of time while looting.

Honorable mention: Quinjet sites

A Quinjet landing site – Image via Epic Games

If you’ve been grinding your battle pass since the beginning of the season, you may have realized that the Battle Bus isn’t alone up in the sky. These Quinjets land somewhere different in each game and release a blue smoke for players to find them.

Quinjet landing sites are guarded by Stark robots that are armed to the teeth and can laser you down before you can react. We advise a short looting run before making your way to one of these jets so you can have a fighting chance.

These henchmen-like robots all drop decent loot and can also be turned into followers if you’re in a forgiving mood. You may notice a couple of drones around you too, which you should focus on after you’re done with the robots. These drones can drop Silver Surfer’s board, a jump-pad-like item that allows players to use their gliders after bouncing them into the air.

Once you step inside a Quinjet, there will be a S.H.I.E.L.D chest waiting for you. These chests are similar to the ones that were stored in vaults during Chapter Two, season three with some essential late-game items that can instantly complete your looting run.

Though these are some of the best spots to land this season, developing a looting pattern will always be more potent than landing at the best places. Choose a point of interest and practice looting around the area to increase your odds of surviving in competitive matches. 

Most professional players have their own fixed landing spots where they know the ins and outs of a place, making it extremely hard for challenging players to fight them. Since you’ll know what you’re doing and where you should go, this can help you be one step ahead of your landing competition to secure some early kills.

Though it’s possible you can develop your own looting patterns by exploring your favorite spots to land, you can also take advantage of veteran players’ guides that showcase some of the most optimized routes in Fortnite. Another great way to discover looting paths is to watch professional matches and focus on only a single player’s perspective. Pay attention to their early game movement and try to mimic what they do in a game of Fortnite to start becoming a deadly threat in the weekly Cash Cups.