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Epic changes start time for Fortnite’s Hype Nite due to schedule conflicts

Epic cited a party issue with multiple tournaments.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has pushed the start time for Fortnite’s upcoming Hype Nite tournament from Friday to an undetermined time on Saturday, the company announced today.

Hype Nite will now take place after the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) ends in each region.

Epic’s official Twitter account for competitive Fortnite news revealed the change earlier today. Epic said the schedule change is because of a party issue stemming from multiple tournaments running at once. As a result, the company elected to move the time after the FNCS “window ends in that region.” 

Hype Nite is the gateway into the FNCS. Aspiring champions have to earn a minimum amount of hype, awarded at the end of the event based on placement, to enter bigger, cash reward tournaments.

Due to the requirements, many players felt the time change was unnecessary. Players who are already in the FNCS don’t need to participate in Hype Nite. Meanwhile, Hype Nite players want to earn their hype and potentially compete for cash prizes as soon as possible. 

Hype Nite doesn’t have a specific start time with this updated schedule. Instead, it’s vaguely scheduled for sometime on Saturday once the FNCS wraps up.