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Best Easter skins in Fortnite

Not enough eggs.

Image via Epic Games

Have you ever wanted to literally hop onto Fortnite’s battle bus? Unfortunately, we don’t mean getting onto an actual real-life battle bus, which would have serious flight concerns given that it’s a bus propelled by rockets and balloons. We mean actually hopping into and on a server.

Easter is right around the corner and that means a plethora of Easter-themed skins have made their way to the Fortnite store, giving players a bunch of rabbits and eggs to decorate their character with. If you’re unable to wait for Easter candy, we’ve picked out some of the sweetest skins you can pick up in the meantime.


The well-dressed dapper rabbit known as Dutch is “floppy, hoppy, and unstoppy-ble,” with four different color styles available, including midnight, chocolate, and doodle.

Dutch costs 1,200 V-Bucks in the store and his bundle comes with the Skellebun Key back bling, which comes in a gold or silver style.

Bunny Brawler and Rabbit Raider

The Bunny Brawler and the Rabbit Raider are the male and female versions of each other, part of the Pastel Patrol set. Each one costs 1,500 V-Bucks and features a light and masked dark version of their tactical bunny pajamas, with matching Easter egg grenades.

Each bundle also comes with an Easter egg back bling.


Image via Epic Games

If you’re looking to scare some folks on the island, then the creepy Nitehare option is your best bet. The patchwork bunny suit features bands notched with tally marks, which we’ll assume is the number of eggs Nitehare has found, as well as a pair of tactical slippers.

His bundle costs 1,500 V-Bucks and comes with the Floppy back bling.

Bun Bun

Image via Epic Games

A slightly less terrifying option instead of Nitehare is Bun Bun, a man-sized chocolate bunny that’s as strong as he is sweet. His outfit is made of his candy wrapper and the rips and tears and frosting on him show he’s had a dark past, despite being made of milk chocolate.

His bundle costs 1,500 V-Bucks and comes with the Choco Shell back bling.